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*squishy hugs everyone*

And while I'm here pestering the universe, I'd like to thank everyone for all their kind words, their support and the virtual hugs I recieved after my announcement (such as it was) in March.  You don't know how much it helped knowing you were all thinking of me. So thank you.

Things have been fairly calm here lately - work has been quiet with very little drama.  My doctors are pleased with my improvement with things such as they are - with the medication I'm on my diabetes is officially considered under control and my numbers have been normal with no major spikes since I got out of the hospital.  Everything else is also approaching normal, I've started walking for excersize (around my work building at lunch and getting off at further away bus stops) and so far I've lost 12 pounds. The weight loss has been slow - I'm on a lot of medication and it's slowing things down, so even thought I'm on a restrictive diet (low salt, no sugar, low fat, low carb) the pounds aren't coming off as fast as I would like.  But I am seeing a difference - I'm having a hard time finding clothes in my closet that fit already.

Which pisses me off a little - because the t-shirts I like the most (my mountain fairy shirts, a lot of my fannish & wrestling shirts) are now far too big for me to wear.  So I'm pissed for a good reason, but it's still annoying and I've already made a list of the ones I want to replace when my weight has gotten down to what the doctor wants.  (for the record, he wants me to lose at least 50 - 60 pounds)

My depression has also gotten a little better - I'm not bursting into tears every seven seconds anymore, which is a plus.  (My GP upped my Paxil - and while I still have lows on the rollercoaster, they haven't been as low or as frequent) This weekend has been particularly hard since the Shinys are at MWC in Michigan and I'm home. I know why I had to cancel, but that doesn't mean I have to like it - which was another reason I wanted to get out of the house today.

But I am looking forward to seeing them in October and I'm looking forward to going to Philadelphia ComicCon with my sister next weekend and I'm looking forward to seeing Much Ado About Nothing (Clark Gregg) and I'm going to try and see Iron Man 3 and Great Gatsby as well (we'll see how well I do) Nothing else I saw trailers for really grabbed me enough to want to go see, but we'll see. Also looking forward to JW's Agents Of Shield and Sherlock S3in the fall.

I also caught the season finales of NCIS, NCIS LA, Once Upon A Time, Supernatural, Arrow and Doctor Who.  Doctor Who made no sense to me at all - I like Clara but I have no clue where they're going with this, but it was fun catching all the references for the other doctors thru the season. I missed all of NCIS & NCIS LA all season, so watching the finales didn't make a lot of sense but they made me want to start watching them both again in Sept. Arrtow & Supernatural I watch for the eye candy (Mark Sheppard & John Barrowman) so I honestly didn't care if they didn't make any sense to me :)  And I only watched Once Upon A Time to see the Shield promo, but it caught me enough so I might give it a try in Sept.

And thanks to my sister I'm watching Game Of Thrones - which I find very brutal but good. I'm also working my way through the books, which are veryvery long but veryvery good.  Seriously - if you're into epics with casts of thousands, these are really good. Writing-wise I haven't made much progress, but I am scribbling fragmented notes for a Clint/Coulson novella and I'm still planning a story collection for some point in the future whenever my muse decides to stop being lazy *pokes muse*

So I'm doing okay - things are getting better on many levels. And hopefully they will from now on. :)
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